Music Lessons, String Instrument Rentals, Repairs & Sales

Music Lessons, String Instrument Rentals, Repairs & Sales

Do you have a Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bow that needs work?

We have curbside drop off and pickup available

FREE Estimates

Quality Repairs

Trustworthy Technicians

We Get It

Your instrument needs work and you need help.

One of your friend’s coworker’s nephews is a hobbyist woodworker…

and he’d love to get his hands on an “interesting project” and you’d like to spend as little as possible on the repairs.

When he’s done with it (after months of pestering him to get it back) you faintly recognize the instrument you handed over, but somehow it seems worse.

It looks as if he drew on it with red marker and now it has a mysterious buzz.

You give him the $50 you promised and start searching online for a new instrument - one that doesn’t look like it was used as a prop in a circus.

How much money and time are cheap repairs costing you? How many times have you missed a lesson or a class because your instrument was in the shop again?

Our luthiers (fancy term for violin makers) have training from expert violin makers and restorers around the country. We pride ourselves on repairs that disappear and make an instrument beautiful and easy to play.

The 1st time.

No clowning around.

Feel Relieved That Your Instrument Is In Good Hands

FREE Estimates

Get a FREE Estimate when you drop off your instrument for work. Approve it and pay for it online, or decide to wait another day on the repairs. No Pressure.Renting is especially recommended if you need a smaller size for a young child.

Quality Repairs

Know You’re Getting Quality from a shop that will respect you and your instrument.

Trustworthy Technicians

Get Your Instrument Playing In Top Shape with guidance from our seasoned violin techs. Not sure if your instrument is worth the work? We can advise you on that, too.

We know how intimidating it is to venture into the music world as a first generation player.

How To Get Your Instrument Or Bow Fixed

1. Schedule Online

Schedule Online to arrange a drop off for your instrument and we will email you an estimate for the work to be done.

2. Approve the Estimate

And we get to work ensuring the best playability for your budget.

3. Feel Awesome Making Music

Set up a time to pick up your instrument when the work is complete and you can pay online.

Azure Violins has the following services to help get your instrument or bow playing beautifully again:

Close Seams

Bow Rehair

Install Strings

Set Up Soundpost

New Soundpost

New Bridge

Crack Repair

Reglue Fingerboard

Plane Fingerboard

Install/Remove Fine Tuners

Fix Stuck or Sliding Pegs

And More!

For a list of the 10 Most Common Repairs and Prices, Click Here


Stop Stressing Out Over Where To Begin And Discover Joy In Playing Music

Most people feel intimidated with learning a new instrument. With expert lessons, rentals, and repairs from Azure Violins, you’ll become a confident musician that has fun playing music with other people.

At Azure Violins we know that you want to feel awesome making music with others. In order to do that, you need to feel comfortable playing a musical instrument.

The problem is you don’t know where to start which makes you feel intimidated, alone, and overwhelmed.

As fellow musicians, we believe if music is the universal language, you should be able to have your say.

We understand how intimidating it is to venture into the music world as a first generation player, which is why we have helped hundreds of musicians along their musical journeys from selecting the first instrument to their forever instrument, taught first notes to soloistic concertos, and have helped with repairs and maintenance all along the way.

You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy playing music

We believe you don’t have to be a professional musician to play music with other people, deserve a great instrument, or know how to take care of your instrument.

We’re here to help

Owners Kari and Channing Azure have over a decade of experience working in music stores as violin techs or teachers and each are happy to advise you on the next step.

The Plan

Here’s how we do it:

Call us. We're here for You. We'll listen to your needs and help you find what you're looking for.

Whether in need of lessons or repair, we have experts on hand to help you.

Have fun making music.