Music Lessons, String Instrument Rentals, Repairs & Sales

Music Lessons, String Instrument Rentals, Repairs & Sales

Music Lessons in Raleigh, NC

Fun And Engaging Lessons That Kids

(And Adults!) Love!

Learn A New Skill

Feel Confident

Have Fun

Life Is Too Short To Spend It Confused

  1. It can be intimidating starting a new piece on your own
  2. You’re tired of trying to learn how to play online with prerecorded videos that can’t tell you how to get better
  3. You feel lonely on your journey
  4. It seems like unattainable magic to play beautifully
  5. An audition is coming up and you're worried about it
  6. You want to feel excited and successful playing music

Learn A Life Changing New Skill

man playin the guitar

Learn A New Skill

Customized lesson plans built to fit all levels and genres of music for ages 5+.

Make Progress

Each little step puts you closer to a satisfying musical life.

Have Fun

You’ll feel confident and have the knowledge to have fun making music with other people.

Here's what some of our families are saying...

Here's what some of our families are saying...

I started with a one-off and then took the lead from my son who loved the lesson and asked to come back. He REALLY looks forward to Saturday lessons — and I don’t blame him. He’s treated and trained to be a musician, he’s challenged in ways that follows his facility and interests, and Kari listens to his questions and questing to push beyond just the basics.

For a young person who struggles in other learning settings, this has been a bright spot where he shines because he loves it —there is joy—, and I don’t hear the word “hate” (as in “I hate school”). This is the one place where I don’t have to drag or prompt him to go.

Amatullah K.

After taking lessons, I feel even more excited to play my violin and to learn new techniques. I feel that I have made more progress in the last year than I would have if I had tried to do it on my own.

My teacher also helped me with my posture and stance. By doing this, it has made playing more comfortable for me. I don’t think I would have figured out what adjustments to make if it weren’t for her.

Jessie. R.

Here’s How To Start Making Music Today

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2.Choose a Time

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3.Have Fun!

Learn with passionate and knowledgeable instructors.


Private Lessons


per month

1 Student

30 Minutes

Same Day And Time Once A Week

Azure Violins Level System

Small Group Lessons


per month

3-6 students

30 Minutes

Fast Growth In A Fun Environment

Azure Violins Level System

Availability for group or private lessons is limited and may not be available for each instrument.

​​Posted rates are subject to change. Books and additional materials not included.


-- Option for in-studio or online lessons

-- Experienced teachers with background checks

-- Regular performance opportunities

-- Custom-tailored curriculum to fit your learning needs and interests

-- Online portal to track lessons

-- Ages 5 and up

Choose from piano, ukulele, guitar, voice, violin, viola, cello, bass, drums, composition, and more

Azure Violins

Frequently Asked Questions

How is tuition handled?

Tuition is billed on the first of each month to a card on file. There is no yearly commitment for lessons.

What ages do you teach?

We teach ages 5 - Adult (it's never too late to start!)

How long are lessons and how long is your program?

Lessons are 30 minutes once a week each week at the same day and time. Some students choose to do an hour-long lesson. Lessons are on-going until you choose to stop. Some classes and programs may have a defined duration (usually 1-3 months).

How do I pick a teacher?

Usually your teacher is assigned by your instrument and availability.

What precautions are you taking with COVID-19?

The health and safety of our students and staff are our priority. We have several safety precautions, such as temperature checks at the door, masks required for students and teachers, social distancing, regular hand and equipment sanitizing.

How can I keep track of lessons?

We have this awesome online portal that has a calendar of your upcoming lessons, will send you a reminder a day before your lesson, and you can also track studio news, practice time, teacher info, billing, and more!

How many students are in a lesson?

We offer group lessons that are usually 3-6 students which provides a fun and social learning environment with fast growth which is great for beginners.

What is taught in lessons?

Each student has a custom-made curriculum to fit their needs and musical goals. Generally, lessons cover theory, musicality, reading music, technique, and more! We have regular performance opportunities to showcase our student's progress throughout the year.

Are your teachers background checked?

Yes. Our teachers have been vetted for safety with background checks and references.